Advantis International is a multifaceted media and financial services company that provides unique marketing and finance solutions to help businesses increase sales, open new sales channels, conserve cash, leverage resources and reduce expenses.
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Ads for Stock

Advantis offers a unique equity/advertising exchange solution for both micro-cap and small-cap publicly traded companies as well as emerging private firms who want to promote their companies nationally with limited impact on cash flow - we can provide an advertising based investment to help drive shareholder value, increase brand awareness and grow market share --in exchange for stock in your company.


Media Funding & Finance Solutions

For those companies that are trying to get their products on the shelves of mass retail chains or expand their existing retail distribution - we offer a suite of unique large scale media financing programs that can help you gain a competitive advantage. In considering whether or not to place a product on their valuable shelf space - typically most major retail chains want to see that you have the necessary funding to advertise your product on a large scale over a sustained period of time to help create the branding and awareness needed to drive people into the retailer’s locations looking for the product. Advantis International can provide documentation of your ad campaign financing & funding approval to retailers as well as provide comprehensive media plans to add to your presentation to major retailers to help you close the sale & negotiate the best deal possible for distribution of your products.


Hospitality Funding Solutions

We also provide specialized solutions to the Hospitality Industry to help turn excess/unsold capacity, or time/market sensitive perishable inventories into revenue generating assets. Are you a company with perishable inventories like hotel rooms, or time/market sensitive products such as theme parks, ski resorts, seat/cabin availability in the travel industry? If you answered yes, call us and receive a free evaluation of how your company can profit with Advantis International’s Media Finance program.


Client Reinvestment Media Solutions

We offer customized cross purchase and client reinvestment media finance solutions for those companies that need help to meet or exceed their monthly/quarterly sales and earnings forecasts. The program affords Advantis clients the ability to combine their advertising and promotional purchases and translate a substantial portion of them immediately into new sales- the program offers a cost effective and efficient means for Advantis clients to advertise and market their goods and/or services, meanwhile bringing in immediate new sales to their business.


Under-Performing Asset Solutions

In addition we offer specialized alternative finance solutions for companies looking to optimize value and return on their excess product inventories, under-performing real estate holdings or other under-performing assets such as Excess Capacity, Product Inventories and Real Estate.

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